Trying to Avoid Spinjury: Questions for Rob Malowney

 Rob Malowney of Aarrow Advertising talks about the business of sign-spinning. Photo: Sam Hodgson Saturday, Feb. 16, 2008 | Launched by some friends in Ocean Beach in 2002, Aarrow Advertising — a company specializing in spinning signs and hiring the spinners who spin them — has exploded into markets around the country. (more…)

“Haven’t You Ever Wondered About Those Sign Spinners You See on the Street Corner?” The Ultra Violet

It was a sight I never thought I’d witness: 15-20 teenage boys standing in a warehouse dancing to hip-hop music wile spinning huge, colorful signs on their heads, on their backs, on the floor. I was at a sign spinner boot camp. I’ve always wondered about the sign spinners I see on the street corners, advertising real estate agencies and restaurant openings. Who are they? And how did they learn to do that?