“Sidewalk Ad Spinners Become Sign of Times” Contra Costa Times

DiJon Rice doesn’t just stand there with a sign advertisement on a street corner, in a faux coma, with iPod earbuds in his ears.He spins the sign, and people watch. They stop to watch. And many read the ad.Rice is the top-ranked sign spinner for San Diego-based AArrow Advertising LLC, which has taken the relatively new ad genre in a decidedly different direction. Rice gets his moves from some 250 that were thought up and listed in a proprietary, [...]

“Your Client Waving Signs on the Street” Media Life Magazine

Your client waving signs on the street Teams perform at events, with signage part of the act By Kathy Prentice March 9, 2008 Back a long time ago, there were sandwich men, so called because they walked back and forth on the sidewalk with signs hanging front and behind from their shoulders. Things have come a long way. The new thing is teams performing elaborately choreographed routines, much like cheerleaders, in which signs are part of the act. It’s known as spinning. They’re spinning for H&R Block in [...]