Spinners create more buzz for Grupo Melo!

“I believe we were one of the first companies to use the service here in Tijuana, and since the beginning they worked really well for us because they achieve two important objectives: help people find our houses and at the same time do it in a very different and dynamic way”. (more…)

Are you ready for the World Spinning Championship?

Interested in coming out to a FREE event? Well come see sign spinning at its finest at the World Sign Spinning Championships which will be taking place at the Fremont Street Experience in Las Vegas, NV. It will be taking place February 9th to February 12th 2012! (more…)

Spinners Promote Lennar Homes in the ATL!

Sign Spinners were covering the grand opening of the Beyers Landing home community by Lennars Homes in Atlanta just recently. Lennar homes promoted there new development by going to Braves games and having sign spinners pointing game attendees in the right direction to see demonstrations and more. They definitely gained a lot of buzz for Lennar at games every weekend! Keep it up the great work spinners! (more…)

Sign Spinners help promote T-Mobile in Nashville

T-Mobile received great exposure in Nashville, Miami, and Tampa all due to the hard work of our Sign Spinners. For three days, they had 8 spots for 7 hours each day! It was three long days of work of spinning but it was all worth it because they had successfully sold 133 units by spinning! We love our spinners and their hard work!

Georgetown Sign Spinners make their mark!

Fox News  reporter Beth Parker caught up with Michael Paterson, Georgetown University franchise owner recently. She got to see some of our sign spinners in action during their training. “These guys practice at two or three in the morning sometimes. They make their own highlight reels,” says Patterson.The Sign Spinners have to be ready for any kind of weather that may come there way. Sign Spinning is not easy, but they always have an audience! They also have scars frim signs [...]

Salesmen put a new spin on advertising

  Reported by Terry Bulger – email http://www.wsmv.com/story/16465492/bulgers-beat-salesmen-put-a-new-spin-on-advertising   NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV) -Many of us have seen them on the streets, waving signs in hopes of getting a driver’s attention and ultimately their business.The growing phenomenon of sign spinning is putting a new spin on advertising. “We do a little trick, do a little dance, something to catch their attention,” sign spinner Erwin Pacheco said. Want inexpensive advertising? High technology isn’t always the answer. Get a guy with attitude and a sign.In a tough economy with shrinking advertising budgets, [...]

Best Spinner in Puerto Rico!

The Best Sign Spinner in Puerto Rico took sometime to speak with us about winning the Puerto Rico WSSC 2011, and future trip to Las Vegas, NV for the 2012 WSSC. 1. How did you feel going into the PR Competition? “Well I didnt think I was going to win, I thought Manuel (Manuel Narvaez ) was going to win and that was the plan, Manuel 1st and me 2nd, until he messed up his ankle.” 2. What does winning the PR [...]

Georgetown Hoyas

AArrow Sign Spinners are not just highly trained advertising professionals. They’re also performers and entertainers, which is why the Georgetown Hoyas asked AArrow to get the crowd going during their home games at the Verizon Center in Washington D.C., having 12 AArrow Sign Spinners perform a choreographed routine on the court for 15,000 fans in attendance. and thousands more on ESPN2. Take a look!

Guardian Capital

Guardian Capital is a real estate company in San Diego. They normally do single family units but every once in a while when they are feeling a bit wacky, they like to try their hand at Multi Unit lots. Thus came Canyon Ridge, the community we spin (maybe ‘spun’ at this point) for. It started as 10 units that were not getting a single piece of traffic on the weekends, even after using some ‘useless’ sign holding company. It just so [...]