After doing over 400 events in the United States, we’ve finally done it.  Our first Extreme Entrepreneurship WORLD Tour event happened today.  It was a JAM-PACKED auditorium with over 850 young Peruvians who just needed a little motivation coupled with a few top tips to take their goals and passions to the next level.  This is really tough to judge, but I think it may have been our best event to date.  Whoa!  The speakers were incredibly dynamic, engaging, inspiring and [...]

The Las Vegas Weekly – “How to do Everything”

Flip A Sign Photo: Bill Hughes Las Vegans know how to flip a sign better than Caleb Jordan. The 24-year-old has been doing it for six years, and trains up to 40 flippers a year as “spinstructor” and general manager of the local branch of San Diego-based AArrow Advertising, which employs spinners across the globe. He’s also ranked No. 32 in the world after competing in this year’s World Sign Spinning Championships in Las Vegas. We got Jordan to show us [...]

Wal-Mart The Super Market Giant!

  Let’s face it, when a new Wal-Mart opens up, it’s pretty exciting. So when Wal-Mart opened its doors in Chantilly, VA, they hired the most exciting and effective advertisers anywhere, the AArrow Sign Spinners. (more…)