Odd Jobs: Spinning for Sales

  As sign spinning is quickly becoming a popular new way to advertise, the actual sign spinners themselves are also being noticed for their impressive talent.  This “odd job” allows sign spinners to put their own flair on sign spinning and to show off their talent, all while interacting with people. One in particular was spotted on the streets of the Northwest Valley in Arizona, spinning, throwing and catching a six-foot sign to advertise to the passerby’s. 16 year-old Austin [...]

Sign Spinner of the Week- Meet Mario Knežević!

  Bryan Sanchez, Creative Director and AArrow Sign Spinner in San Diego, California sat down for an exciting interview with Mario Knežević, owner of the AArrow Ads Croatian market. Knežević talks about how he got started working with AArrow Ads and his experience as a sign spinner in the small country of Croatia. (more…)

Aarrow Ads Puerto Rico and Universidad Interamericana

Aarrow’s Puerto Rico sign spinners were at the Las Justas event in Puerto Rico. The team of spinners got the crowd pumped up along the side lines doing spins and flips with the signs over their heads and behind their backs which really got the people interested. They were also spotted on the side of the road directing traffic into the arena, making sure they don’t miss anyone. (more…)

Sweetgreen’s Sweetlife Food and Music Festival 2012

On April 28, 2012 Aarrow Sign Spinners made their way to Washington, D.C. for the second annual Sweetgreen Food and Music festival to help promote food, music, and sustainable living. Thousands of people came for the event and some even had the opportunity to pose with the impressive sign spinners. http://www.sweetlifefestival.com/#sweetgreen

Spinning for a Cause

The Mexican Red Cross (Cruz Roja) and Aarrow Ads teamed up at the University of California International this past week to give attention to the importance of driving safely. Check out their awesome album on their Facebook page to see how the exciting two day event went. ¡salva tu vida usa el cinturón! Wear your seatbelt it saves your life!   picture courteous of Facebook, AArrow Mexico http://www.facebook.com/AarrowMexico

A Part-Time Job With a Spin

If you can think back to your very first job, you probably recall flipping burgers, babysitting your younger brother, or bagging groceries at the local super market. Aarrow Advertising’s sign spinners have taken out the mundane and boring tasks of a part-time job and put in some fun while having a blast and doing it in style! Some of the sign spinners like Kemoy Johnson show off their talents during a weekly spinning training session so ensure their skills [...]

HEMET: Sign Twirlers Spark Debate

This article highlights how AArrow Advertising stands out from other companies by letting companies like Patty Castro’s have mascot’s and sign spinner to go along with them. Having a mascot and sign spinner has helped attract many people to her company BZ Beez Tax and Insurance Services. Link to Article