Stash Furniture

  We have a great testimonial to share with everyone today!   “Thank you so much for the spinners! They did a really great job. Many people came in and commented on them, that they had heard our radio ad but still didnt know where we were located. They said the spinners drew them to us and made them want to come in to the store. Several people werent even looking for us but saw the guys and said they just had to [...]

Star King Featuring

AArrow Sign Spinners make great television, and we proved it again on SBS‘s “StarKing“, which is one of the most popular television programs in South Korea. Featuring Dongbin Kim, Terry An, Ikhun Jang from AArrow Korea, not to mention Justin Brown and Max Durovic, they spun, talked about their motivation to spin, and even had some celebrity guests try their hand at sign spinning! Check out the full video here!

Spinning for MacMall in Santa Monica,CA.

These days, everybody has some kind of laptop, tablet, or smartphone. But if you don’t, then go straight MacMall, your #1 Apple Retailer for the best deals around! Justin Brown and Zach Blaylock went out in Santa Monica to do what they do best, bring the customers in! (more…)

AArrow helps celebrate 150 years for Bacardi

In mid-July, Bacardi held their “Bacardi in Bermuda” event celebrating 150 years on the beautiful island of Bermuda. Two of AArrow’s sign spinners were lucky enough to spin at this event and couldn’t get enough of the tropical paradise. Rami Putrus and Brent Davis were those spinners who were in charge of directing people to the party and then back to their hotel afterward. Hours of working and spinning on this island surrounded with crystal blue waters and palm trees did [...]

The Learn Project Learns Something New

Matthew Rakola, creator of The Learn Project, loves to be able to meet diverse groups of people who are passionate in what they do. He started reaching out in 2011, meeting new people, learning what they do, and watching them do it, all while absorbing in each unique talent. In the process, Rakola has discovered a fascinating range of hobbies and professions that have enriched his learning experience. (more…)