RightThisMinute: Videos Before They Go Viral – ‘Sign Guys’ Show Off Their Best Moves

Check out this video posted by RightThisMinute with an interview from this year’s WSSC Champion Mike Wright!“‘Sign guys’ don’t just twirl a piece of cardboard around telling you where to shop. They actually travel from around the world to compete in the World Sign Spinning Championships to see who the best sign spinner really is. And they don’t just spin either, they also incorporate many different and awesome moves into their routine, over 3,000 of which have been compiled into a secretive “Tricktionary!” source: RightThisMinute

Sign Spinning for Disney’s Cars!

Tired of just standing there shaking the sign, Guido is a true AArrow Sign Spinner at heart and lays down some sick sign spinning tricks! Check out this video posted by Disney included in the shorts video series, Tales From Radiator Springs. (more…)

The Charlotte Observer – South Charlotte News reports on AArrow Charlotte

Putting a new spin on advertising By Hilary Trenda A south Charlotte teen is heading to Las Vegas for AArrow Advertising’s international sign-spinning competition Feb. 19-22. Rico El-lis, 18, started sign spinning for the outdoor advertising company in June 2011, and before he’d been with AArrow a full year he placed seventh overall at last year’s international competition and was named rookie of the year for the entire company. Together with AArrow NC owner Bryan Diehl, the pair also took first place for [...]

A Glimpse Into the Life of Mike Wright-WSSC’s 2013 Champion

I was fortunate enough to steal a few minutes of Mike Wright’s time to catch up with him on his recent win at the WSSC (world sign spinning championship). Mike has been spinning with AArrow Advertising for eight years now. I learned how he felt to be the best sign spinner in the world, some of his favorite aspects of AArrow, and what led up to this enormous win. (more…)

2013 AArrow Advertising World Sign Spinning Championships

LAS VEGAS, NV – The AArrow Advertising World Sign Spinners Championships took place in Las Vegas this past February 22nd to 23rd at the world famous Fremont Street Experience. The most talented sign spinners competed to be crowned the best in the world and to win a cash prize, as well as for awards like trick of the year, best smile, most creativity, and rookie. (more…)

Best Sign Spinner in the World From San Diego!

LAS VEGAS – The champion of the World Sign Spinners Championship is from San Diego! Mark Wright won the 6th annual competition on February 22nd and 23rd at the Fremont Street Experience in Las Vegas. Competitors from all over the world competed, but San Diego’s very best came out on top! (more…)