Interview : Max Durovic

사인보드를 들고 퍼포먼스를 벌이는 기업, 애로우애드의 맥스 두로빅(Max Durovic) 대표는 단기 아르바이트로 시작해 세계최대 규모의 게릴라 마케팅 프랜차이즈를 키워낸 입지전적 인물이다. (more…)

Spinning for Comic Con

  It is the first day of Comic Con and AArrow Sign Spinners are in San Diego working the convention. We are spinning for TBS network’s show King of Nerds’ Free Cereal Bar at Comic Con. In case you didn’t know, Comic Con is the largest convention on Earth. It usually draws about  130,000 people over its four day span. The convention brings comic, movie, and televison fans from all over the world together and we, at AArrow Sign Spinners, are happy [...]

AArrow Peru 2013 Clínica Internacional

Clínica Internacional held its annual event outside of Lima, Peru and this year, the AArrow Advertising Peru team played a fundamental role in attendance at the convention. AArrow Peru was hired to put a spin on ordinary direction assistance and guide the guests through the route in a way they would always remember. Not only were the guests able to find their way to the event without getting lost, but they did it while also being entertained by AArrow’s [...]

AArrow Peru Sign Spinning for McDonald’s Chicken McBites

McDonald’s couldn’t get enough of the AArrow Advertising Peru Sign Spinners. After their success in promoting McDonald’s free coffee, the restaurant decided to rehire AArrow Peru for its Chicken McBites campaign. Not even the cold and gloomy weather in Lima, Peru could stop the AArrow Sign Spinners from performing with enthusiasm and putting smiles on customers’ faces. (more…)

AArrow Paris Sortez Des Rails Campaign

AArrow Advertising Paris, the Region of Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur and the National Rail Network partnered together to create a campaign to raise awareness about the significance of railroad safety. The campaign’s message “Get Off the Tracks” is to remind children and adults the dangers of rail lines and prevent them from walking along the tracks.   The AArrow Advertising Paris Sign Spinners first launched the campaign in Marseille, France and will continue all over the country including Canebiere, the French Riveriera and [...]

AArrow Sign Spinners for Ray’s Rentals

AArrow San Diego’s most talented sign spinners charmed the crowd of people outside of Belmont Park while spinning for Ray’s Rentals in Mission Beach. The AArrow team beamed with enthusiasm, performed their most creative stunts and flashed their biggest smiles, while also having a great time promoting for the equipment rental company. (more…)

AArrow Sign Spinners for Howard County Housing Fair

AArrow partnered with GreeNEWit on April 13th for the 2013 Howard County Housing Fair. Sign spinners attracted attention to draw crowds in to learn more about the community. Guests were able to take guided bus tours of the area, speak to real estate professionals and even win a chance to live in the community. GreeNEWit is a company dedicated to building, maintaining and growing sustainable communities. Their work has made Howard County one of the best places to live in [...]

Funsport – Sign Spinning (Germany)

  Justin Brown is a professional sign spinners. (Hanna Eder) In the U.S., everything is a show. Why sign holders as paid just stand on the street corner? Through the use of acrobatics and a good breeze Californian joy of signs is an art form – the “Sign spinning”. It could be the most boring job in the world. Hold a sign for hours, somewhere in the dense city traffic. But in the U.S. makes the sign spinners crossing the road to the stage – the audience [...]

The Internship Find the Sign Spinner

Watch out for our very own sign spinner on the big screen! Dylan Luca of AArrow Atlanta makes an appearance in the new movie, The Internship, now playing in theaters all over the country. The Internship takes you on a wild ride with two former salesmen, played by Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson, as they compete with brilliant and youthful interns to earn a guaranteed spot with Google. The Internship : Sign Spinner Mattress Store Be sure to check out the film and try [...]

Merchants Put New Spin on Advertising

Faiza Elmasry July 01, 2013 ARLINGTON, VIRGINIA — Twenty-five-year old Horacio Moreno stands on a street corner in a Washington suburb, with a white and red sign made of heavy cardboard. He twists it behind his back, then tosses it above his head, doing some dance moves before catching it and twirling it again. He has been spinning signs for five years.“There is a lot of money being made in advertising,” he says. The income, however, is not the only reason Moreno loves [...]