#Candidly Nicole – I Saw The Sign

Nicole Richie brings her unfiltered humor to life in the original series based on her irreverent Twitter feed. #Candidly Nicole follows the sharp-witted comedienne in her hilarious hijinks as she embarks on unique adventures, often with her famous family and friends.    Nicole is fascinated by the sign spinning entrepreneurs she sees on the road. She goes to the spinventor himself, Max Durovic to pick up some skills.        

On Neon Hitch’s #YardSale music video

AArrow Sign Spinners did it again! This time in the music video of Neon Hitch “Yard Sale”, the presence of Just-Spin Brown can be duly noted. Justin tells us about the fun experience: how he brought his own sparkly jacket that worked perfectly with the shoot, and how they spray painted a blank aarrow on set to match the trailer park feeling. (more…)

A new ‘spin’ on advertising

You’ve probably never seen advertising quite like this — it’s the world of professional sign spinning. “We’re a guerilla-style marketing company,” said Dakota Millsap, with AArrow Sign Spinners. (more…)