Sören Knauft named October Spinner of the Month!

When AArrow celebrates its spinner of the month, we never want to leave out all of our fantastic sign spinners from all over the world! So it’s a fantastic coincidence that while Oktoberfest takes place all over the world, our spinner of the month hails from Germany! Our spinner of the month for October is Sören Knauft, and he is no stranger to the world of sign spinning, having competed in the WSSC and WINNING the German Sign Spinning [...]

adult swim sign spinner

Dream Corp LLC Season 2 on Adult Swim

Dream Corp LLC is premiering their new season on Adult Swim this week, and if you’ve never seen the show, there’s quite a few sign spinners throughout. Adult Swim hired the AArrow Sign Spinners to promote the premiere in cities across the US, including L.A., Miami, Chicago, and New York City! Keep an eye out for sign spinners in your city, and watch Dream Corp LLC season 2 on Adult Swim!  via GIPHY

la dodgers

LA Dodgers Sign Spinners at NLCS

The LA Dodgers are doing it again! Tuesday’s game at Dodger Stadium tied the series 2-2! We had our LA AArrow All-Stars go out to greet the fans and get the crowd hyped up for GAME 5 TODAY! #GODODGERSGO  

john krasinski

John Krasinski pranks Jimmy Kimmel in Brooklyn

Jimmy Kimmel and his wife Molly have a beloved holiday tradition with John Krasinski and Emily Blunt – they play pranks on each other. It started innocently enough, but they’ve definitely been raising the stakes each year. This year John struck first and hard. Jimmy is currently in Brooklyn to film his show live from New York, so John decided to find the address of his AirBnb. He then made Jimmy’s address very public, with road signs, a gospel [...]

fox news

Fox News Live! – “Arizona Bamm” spinning signs!

AArrow Sign Spinners are constantly catching the public’s attention, and Arizona Bamm is no exception! He was out on the streets of Phoenix spinning for Cobblestone Auto Spa when Fox News anchor Carmen Blackwell spotted his incredible energy! They had to stop and see what all the commotion is about!

ryan tedder

Ryan Tedder of One Republic spots Rico El-Lis

Los Angeles is the center of the entertainment universe, with celebrities of all kinds constantly in LA’s famous traffic. Lucky for them, there are also sign spinning celebrities out on LA’s street corners every single day! Watch what happens when Ryan Tedder (the singer for OneRepublic) spots Rico El-lis  spinning his sign!View this post on Instagram HIRED!!!! A post shared by R Y A N T E D D E R (@ryantedder) on Oct [...]

T-Pain & AArrow – Everything Must Go!

Since his first hit single “I’m Sprung” was released in 2005, T-Pain has been everywhere. While he was at the top of the charts with hits like “Bartender” and “Buy U a Drank”, those songs definitely ended up on quite a few sign spinning playlists as well. That’s why we at AArrow were so excited when we were asked to promote T-Pain’s new collection of music “Everything Must Go”. We put not just one, but two AArrow Sign Spinners [...]

walker art center

Yumi Roth & AArrow

In Minneapolis, Yumi Roth takes a unique approach to sign spinning by using it as as an artistic medium. Each sign spinner has different excerpts from “Sentences on Conceptual Art”. This is performed in conjunction with the Walker Art Center, after Sol Lewitt : Arcs from Four Corners. This was an incredible display of sign spinning, featuring world champion sign spinners Laramie Rosenfeld and Ray Rivera, along with Ethan Belcher. Check out these videos taken during the event!Spin (after [...]