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2018 World Sign Spinning Championships

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AArrow Sign Spinners in 360° Virtual Reality New Smart ForTwo Commercial

360° Virtual Reality The world’s first-ever virtual reality test drive of the new smart fortwo cabrio brims with excitement, wherever you look. The 360-degree clip highlights the benefits of the urban sunseeker – and what to expect of virtual reality. That huge grin. The one you spot on most people’s faces when they first try on virtual reality gear. Their facial muscles reflect straight away what their senses transmit to their brains. And it’s still there when they switch off the [...]

Seattle workers juggle multiple jobs to make ends meet

JEREMIAH ZUEGER LOOKS like he’s having way too much fun on the job as he spins and flips a sign advertising a new apartment complex at a busy corner by Seattle’s International District. The 17-year-old has been working for Aarrow Sign Spinners for about a year, commuting by ferry from his home in Bremerton to perform his sign acrobatics as cars and buses rush by. “People come up to me all the time,” Zueger says. They want to know how he got [...]

Hey Baltimore! Let’s Dance! Show Your B-Side!

Amazing dance video by ” Visit Baltimore”, were different dancing styles, different people, and different locations was combined into great presentation of Baltimore sights and dancing as well.  Baltimore’s own All- Star spinner Matt Evans makes an appearance in this one and show you how to show your B-Side! We are happy to say that it was great to work with this guys, make sure you guys check out the video! You might even learn a new move or two! (more…)

Sign Spinning Makes a Positive Impact

Most people look at sign spinning as an awkward job that on one wants. Thats not the case for our spinners not only is it a culture but its a way to reaching a better life. AArrow has given jobs to over 2,600 spinners between the ages of 16-25 in  30 cities across the global. Within the job there is a certain love for the art. Spinners use sign spinning as way to express themselves that ultimately gets them [...]

Jedi Stars In the Quilted Northern Ad

Easter bunny? Sign Spinning? It might just be little to early to talk about Easter. Either way this new Quilted Northern commercial is pretty awesome! All-Star Spinner Jedi Vone Caine is featured in this one, spinning in the infamous bunny suit. This commercial is guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Check it out!