One Sign Spinner’s Journey to Entrepreneurship and Education

For Further Information: Sarah Frye Phone: 513-520-1958 November 21, 2017 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Greg Hakanson has been an AArrow Sign Spinner since 2009. By 2012 he was recognized as one of the best sign spinners in the world and placed in the Top 10 as a competitor in the 2014 World Sign Spinning Championships. His mixed martial arts background has allowed him to hone the craft, mastering more than 200 sign spinning tricks from the company’s proprietary ‘tricktionary’, while his [...]

Marketing Relacional & CRM FORUM 2012

Some great spinners had the awesome opportunity to spin for the Marketing Relacional & CRM Forum 2012/ Productora-AArrow Perú which was an event for Costumer Relationship Management. At the event they were only inviting the managers, CEO´s, COO´s from some top companies. The Spinners were amazing, people took a lot of pictures with them and loved their work. The person who made the contract with us, was so happy, she said that she would want us for every event they made since now. We expect to [...]

Gaz Resau Distribution France

GrDF (Gaz Reseau Distribution France) hired the AArrow Sign Spinners in a re-branding campaign that was used to enlarge and revitalize the image of the company and to introduce its various schemes that rely on economizing and energy efficient distribution.  Spinners were also used for client sensitization towards services they offer with renewable energy solutions. Besides, what better way to prove this than through the energetic vitality of our sign spinners? The campaign also took place at the Paris [...]

Sign Spinning at the Paris Expo!, the biggest travel packages and hotel bookings website in France utilized the AArrow Sign Spinners during the annual International French Travel Market exhibition (IFTM), which is France’s B2B international tourism exhibition. TravelZoo has over 25,000,000 subscribers from France, Switzerland, Belgium and Quebec/Canada. The IFTM is the industry’s leading even for networking, conducting business, innovating and keeping abreast of market developments that offer a 360° panorama of the travel industry, covering all sectors including: leisure, business and events. TravelZoo [...]

4G Nationwide

  Have you heard about T-Mobile‘s 4G Nationwide service? If so, you’ve probably seen the AArrow Sign Spinners helping out with their campaign. This past weekend, September 28th – 30th, T-Mobile hired us to travel to three different cities and spin-terise their 4G network. Two NorCal spinners were sent to Seattle, five Nashville spinners helped out in St. Louis, and three spinners showcased their athleticism in Denver. All spinners advertised T-Mobile’s 4G network and worked six hour shifts. If you [...]

Point Loma High School Reunion

  On Saturday, September 29, Mike Kenny’s alma mater, Point Loma High School, held their 10 year reunion for the class of 2002 at Petco Park. The alumni mingled and caught up on each other’s lives as Malcolm Swafford, an AArrow Sign Spinner, entertained the crowd.   Malcolm has been spinning for over a year and this was the first time a sign had been spun inside of Petco Park in San Diego.   The event was a huge success and was [...]

Capriotti’s Subs!

  Do you love turkey? Are you craving a delicious roasted pulled turkey sandwich?  Recently, the AArrow Sign Spinners were able to show off their fancy tricks while advertising for this amazing restaurant when Capriotti’s Subs called on the AArrow Sign Spinners to advertise their “greatest sandwiches in America.”  A total of 9 spinners showed off their moves for 3 hour shifts.  The spinners started in Vegas, but soon expanded to California and Arizona. The AArrow Sign Spinners spun for 135 hours a [...]

Grand Opening: h.h.gregg

  The AArrow Sign Spinners had a very busy two weekends this month with a host of grand openings with the major electronics appliance store H.H. Gregg. The AArrow Sign Spinners were sent on a spinning road trip and covered the four store grand openings that took place in three cities. (more…)

Grand Opening McDonalds!

Over the weekend McDonald’s had their newest restaurant open(Surprise, AZ). They hired AArrow Sign Spinner to catch the attention of Arizona residents. Over the span of 3 days, the sign spinners filled every seat of the restaurant and even got cars lined up to the street. The staff was very happy with the attention the spinners were bringing to their restaurant. We look forward to all future Grand Openings with McDonald’s.

Fresno students learn about entrepreneurship.

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) — Students interested in becoming entrepreneurs got some important advice from a young business owner who’s making his mark. With the recent downturn in the economy, an increasing number of students are curious about what it takes to become an entrepreneur. “Many people have ideas on businesses and they don’t know where to go from there,” Ben Andersen of the FCC Collegiate Entrepreneurs’ Organization said. On Friday 200 students from Fresno City College and local high schools got some important [...]