Daft Signz: California Sign-Spinning Set to Daft Punk

 By Tanja M. Laden on Aug 30, 2013 2:30pmLong before ads hit newspapers, radio, TV, and the internet, there was the sandwich-board man, who Charles Dickens once dubbed “a piece of human flesh between two slices of paste board.” More than 150 years later, human billboards not only still exist — in California, the fringe occupation is spawning an entirely new subset of sign-spinners who are redefining the way these “sandwich men” do business. Each week in North Hollywood, a group of 21st-century so-called [...]

Advertising catcher Arrow Sign Spinners – The guerrilla marketing campaign I’d like to see in Los Angeles

Who does not know, the good old advertising sign. But in a world always plakativeren the static sign has lost much of its advertising effectiveness. You think more often because there are really bad bad advertising sins just in advertising on signs. One way the static advertising sign in the  promotion  to help again more importance Arrow are spinner. The idea originated as a  guerrilla marketing  campaign in the United States. The Arrow Spinner, held by human hands in artistic motion, achieved new attention and is a real eye-catcher [...]

The European Co-Working Conference

Paris was this years’ destination for the European Co-working Conference, an event that brings together all the independent entrepreneurs in Europe and beyond to explore new ways to promote co-working opportunities and improve on ways of how independents can come together in better collective co-working spaces.  AArrow Ads Paris Sign Spinners ushered the conferences’ participants along the way in the 20th Arrondissment to the conference hall in the ‘La Bellevilloise’. The conference was organized by the Paris île-de-France Regional [...]

Chamber of Commerce

AArrow Sign Spinning isn’t just for services, it’s for politicians too! The Anaheim Chamber of Commerce hired 10 sign spinners on election day to get people to the polls and vote for their candidate! The crowd loved it, and both Brandman & Lodge both won their races! It’s just another way AArrow Sign Spinners use their skills on the street!

Instituto Peruano del Deporte Maraton 2012

  AArrow Sign Spinners are always ready to donate their services to a good cause, and our Peruvian franchise is no different! We were very excited to spin signs for Teletón, a nationwide broadcast to raise funds for young people with debilitating diseases. AArrow Sign Spinners welcomed all the guests into the stadium, and even performed in front of the thousands of people at the event! The event was a huge success, raising S/. 7’325,438.23 (USD $2,806,691.98). We always look forward to the next time we can help an important cause [...]

The First Croatian National Championship!

AArrow Croatia holds its 1st National Competition! On October 13th, 2012, AArrow Croatia had its first national competition, with Daniel Mraović taking first place and becoming the 2012 Croatian Sign Spinning Champion. It was held at the Garden Mall in Zagreb, with hundreds of passers-by stopping to watch the intense competition. AArrow CEO Max Durovic was a judge for the competition, and he said he was very impressed with not only the level of sign spinning, but also the overall success of the event.  The [...]