Sign Spinning-An old marketing strategy that is still effective

Social media, push notifications and TV commercials may have taken over as the major marketing tools in the digital age, but some of the old-school marketing methods can still be effective. In fact, a good businessman knows how to supplement the new with the old and create a complete campaign for marketing and advertisement. Although everything won’t be applicable to every trade, it is advised that you don’t ignore the older ploys completely. Take a look at the ones [...]

Second Harvest Food Bank of Middle Tennessee

“Thank you so much for all of your help with this year’s show! We ended up raising $100,000 for the first time ever with this show and we are so excited about that. You guys were a lot of the reason for that happening, so thank you! Brittany A. Hansen Manager, Events and Administration Second Harvest Food Bank of Middle Tennessee Second Harvest Food Bank of Middle Tennessee distributed 28,010,520 pounds of food during our 2013/2014 fiscal year, which included over 7 million pounds of [...]

Red Spirits & Wine

“Boy hot damn, I tell them boys stood out there on the road all afternoon , man they got spit on, cussed at. They kept on smiling, aint that right mark? Aint that right mark? “They did a great job.” They did a super job man. I tell you what, most innovating company since nancys italian sauage.” (more…)

Winning words from Lottery Tennessee!

Over the past 4 weeks, AArrow Sign spinners in Fayetteville Tennessee have been hitting the streets, bringing awareness to the Tennessee Lottery. Every Saturday, you can see 2 spinners showing off their skills and increasing sales of lottery tickets. See the testimonial below – great job AArrow Nashville! “The Spinners showed great energy and stamina. They were very animated, and we felt the impact and saw the excitement generated in our customers. Most importantly, we saw an increase in sales!” Pete Werland Director of Food [...]

Spinners create more buzz for Grupo Melo!

“I believe we were one of the first companies to use the service here in Tijuana, and since the beginning they worked really well for us because they achieve two important objectives: help people find our houses and at the same time do it in a very different and dynamic way”. (more…)

Guardian Capital

Guardian Capital is a real estate company in San Diego. They normally do single family units but every once in a while when they are feeling a bit wacky, they like to try their hand at Multi Unit lots. Thus came Canyon Ridge, the community we spin (maybe ‘spun’ at this point) for. It started as 10 units that were not getting a single piece of traffic on the weekends, even after using some ‘useless’ sign holding company. It just so [...]

AArrow Volunteers: Susan G. Komen “Race For The Cure”

The testimonial below speaks for itself. “Two San Diego Spinners, Chris Chambers and Malcolm Swafford helped entertain, direct, and motivate the participants in the annual Susan G. Komen “Race for the Cure” held at Balboa Park in San Diego this past Sunday. Our spinners were placed at the starting line and then again at the finish line to greet the smiling faces. This marks the 4th time spinners in San Diego have been at this event and we are looking [...]

Tennessee Gold Refinery

Campaign Details : 40 Hours a Week 2 Spinners a Week 10 Weeks From Jeff Pyles/Owner: “Thank you for working with us by presenting the best sign spinners in the country to our businesses.  We know schedules have been hectic lately but we have seen a dramatic increase in our revenues from what you bring to us.  Sales are climbing so fast we can barely keep up and most new customers inform us that the sign spinners are the reason they stopped in [...]

Benefiting the Childrens Hospital Calgary

“Wow! – What a great day our opening was! – Sorry it has taken me this long to send this but I wanted to take the time to express to you how much we truly appreciated the usage of your sign spinning team and the great job they did! (more…)